Black Seeds Drink

A New Taste Sensation. More Flavorful Black Bean and Sesame Seed Beverage For Health.

The Beauty and The Seeds

Modern lifestyle, increased exposure to digital devices and ever increasing fast paced social environment is responsible for deteriorating health in millions of people today. More and more people are suffering from problems like dry skin, hair loss, blurry vision and lack of energy. What’s worse? Modern day diet is making it near impossible to ensure we get enough nutrition to keep our bodies healthy. That’s the reason why we created Happy Grains Black Seeds. Our nutritionists leverage on the power-packed black sesame seed and other super food such as black scallions, black beans, acai berries and more than 40 other healthy ingredients to concoct the Happy Grains’ black sesame beverage – putting the power of seeds, in this case, black seeds, in your hands.


14 Health Benefits

Happy Grains’ Black Seeds is a nutritious black sesame drink that contains black beans, black seeds and many other outstanding ingredients which are able to provide countless benefits for your health. Here are some of the health benefits that you can get from our black sesame beverage:

Protect stomach and spleen function

Build and maintain strong muscles

Enhance concentration and brain memory

Boost body immune system

Promote naturally beautiful skin

Rich fiber content to give satisfying feel

Build stronger bones and reduce bone loss

Aid in weight loss, reduce edema and excess fat

Stimulate bowel movement and relieve constipation

Maintain healthy blood sugar level

Anti-aging effect

Strengthen eye health

Slow down hair greying and loss

Stabilizes blood pressure and hypertension


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Acid Free

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High in Total Dietary Fiber

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7 High Value Adds about Black Seeds

Stimulant to Eyes Health

Rich in omega-6 fatty acids and dietary fiber, Black seeds nutritive and preventive properties act as a stimulant in nourishing the eyes. Its therapeutic properties help in treating blurred vision and tired, dry eyes.

Protect Against Cells Damage

As one of the main ingredients for the black sesame beverage, black seeds’ anti-aging properties protect against free radicals’ aging effect on cells; effectively slow down wrinkles formation, boosts skin’s elasticity, improve moisture retention hence giving you better looking skin.

Upgraded With Dual Active Peptides

Soy Oligopeptides and walnut peptides are added in the black sesame beverage to provide the essentials for improved brain memory and concentration.

Patented Superfine Grinding Technology

The black sesame beverage adopts the patented Superfine Grinding Technology enables grains and seeds to reach a never-before achievable ultra-refined state, allowing 4x higher absorption of nutrients.

Great in Taste. Even Better in Nutrition

Top quality ingredients are specially selected and concocted expertly by our nutritionists to ensure optimum nutritious value and great taste in every cup of black sesame drink.

46 Types of Essential Nutrients that Human Body Needs

The healthy black sesame beverage is power-packed with 46 types of essential nutrients from grains seeds and other ingredients, such as minerals, vitamins, fibres and proteins; specially selected and concocted by our nutritionists.

Natural Sweetness From Stevia Leaves

In line with our fundamentals of health for everyone, Stevia leaves extract is used to give Happy Grains’ black sesame drink its great taste.

For Health, We Insist.


Suitable for the Whole Family

Happy Grains’ black sesame beverage is suitable for children, men and women of all ages and especially helpful to the nutrition needs of people with special dietary limitations.

How to Prepare Happy Grains

Just add water. The ultra-fine mixture is easily dissolved by adding water and stirring it. You can have this black sesame drink either hot, room temperature or cold, simply to your liking.