Our Mission

To create above value health food products for consumers everywhere

To spread the power of seeds health and happiness to people of all ages

To continuously and relentlessly pursue quality in every Happy Grains beverage products

Our Social Responsibilities


Happy Grains envisioned whole grains food be a powerful force for healthier lifestyle change and reduced chronic conditions in the society. Our mission is to offer healthy, delicious and nutritious products at affordable prices so as to benefit as many people as possible.

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Hope International Foundation is a charitable foundation formed to raise funds and awareness in order to benefit more people.


Cooperates with kindergartens, primary schools and higher institutions of learning to promote healthy eating habits amongst educators and students. Sponsors Happy Grains hence providing healthier school meals for children.

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Sponsors non-profit and charity events organized by charitable organizations and schools. Support events where sales of Happy Grains products go directly to nursing homes, orphanages, health rehabilitation centres and schools for the needy.


Happy Grains offers sponsorship to Hospital food programs and is our products are in involved in the nutrition care plans for patients, providing alternative diets that improves nutritional intakes amongst patients.