A cup of Happy Grains, health for every family, everyone and every day!

“The power of seeds for a healthy wholesome meal”

The power of seeds health is a knowledge that has been with us for thousands of years. Happy Grains has dived deep into the knowledge of grains to pursue our goal of bringing health and happiness through grains to as many people as possible. As a result, an easy-to-consume, delicious and above value everyday nutritious beverage is born.

Our nutritionists take exceptional care in the selection and concoction of grains and other ingredients. Combined that with the use of latest grain refining technology that was previously not available, Happy Grains is created.

Power-packed with more than 40 types of top quality grains and ingredients rich in minerals, vitamins B and dietary fibres, a cup of Happy Grains gives you all the food essentials your body needs for the day. Suitable for children, men and women of all ages and especially helpful to the nutrition needs of people with special dietary limitations.

Happy Grains is committed to put the power of seeds in a cup in every hand everywhere, helping people stay healthy and happy everyday.

For Health, We Insist.

5 High Value Adds about Happy Grains

Upgraded With Double Peptides

Soy Oligopeptides and walnut peptides are added to provide the essentials for improved brain memory and concentration.

Patented Superfine Grinding Technology

The adoption of patented Superfine Grinding Technology enables grains and seeds to reach a never-before achievable ultra-refined state, allowing 4x higher absorption of nutrients.

Great in Taste. Even Better in Nutrition

Top quality ingredients are specially selected and concocted expertly by our nutritionists to ensure optimum nutritious value and great taste in every cup of Happy Grains.

46 Types of Essential Nutrients

that Human Body Needs.

Natural Sweetness From Stevia Leaves

In line with our fundamentals of health for everyone, Stevia leaves extract is used to give Happy Grains its great taste.