The Finest Nutritional Beverage Experience

Superfine Grinding Technology

In the current market, an overwhelming majority of the the grains products would lead to the incomplete release of essential nutrients. To ensure better digestion and nutrient intake of consumers, our beverages are manufactured with the upgraded and most advanced technology, the Superfine Grinding!

Superfine Grinding Technology is an emerging technology that shows high potential in nutraceutical and functional foods & beverages. It has been widely used in the industry for its benefits in the extraction of bioactive compounds from raw materials with high extraction efficiency. It is a new method of food processing which can produce the finest powders with outstanding properties such as high absorption, solubility, dispersion and digestion.

This makes our line of beverages very nutritious as it retains most of the nutritional values from the ingredients thanks to our technology. If you’re looking for a nutritional beverage to start your morning everyday, try our Original Mixed Grains, Black Seeds, and Choco Grains beverages. Our range of nutritious beverages are perfect for anyone in your family regardless of ages.

Fineness 1000 mesh superfine powder.

Quality Grinding Technology gives 4x higher absorption power.

The superfine grinding creates a low-heat milling process with careful craftsmanship for healthful, efficient milling that does not destroy nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Can be ground into 1000 mesh superfine powder.

4x Higher Absorption Power

The world’s leading ultrafine powder processing technology for producing 4 times higher absorption power by breaking the cell walls of seed and improving absorption efficiency of the nutrients from our beverages.

Easy to Digest

Ultrafine powder processing technology produces 4 times higher absorption power, which makes our nutritious beverages easier to swallow and digest.

Great Taste with Ultra-smooth Texture

The highly-sifted and finely ground Happy Grains yields an extra fine and smooth texture that makes it ideal for everyone’s wholesome and nutritious meal!

Retaining 100% Nutrition

Happy Grains is milled from specially selected whole grains using patented grinding process, retaining 100% whole grain nutrition while delivering the ultra-smooth texture and mild flavor in our beverage products.

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