Nowadays everyone knows how important it is to have a strong immune system




About Happy Grains

Power-packed with 46 types of essential nutrients that human body, rich in minerals, vitamins B and dietary fibres, a cup of Happy Grains gives you all the food essentials your body needs for the day. Suitable for children, men and women of all ages and especially helpful to the nutrition needs of people with special dietary limitations. We ensure quality and food safety, compliance with globally certified high quality standards (HACCP, QMS, FSMS, GMP, MESTI) and recognition by the World Consumer Trusty Brand Awards.

Happy Grains

Leading the 21st Century Nutrition Revolution

Spread Happiness Through Health!

Our mission is to make every family and everyone,
Drink a wholesome Nutritious happy Grain everyday!

A nutritious meal for a vibrant day
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Enjoy a balanced breakfast not only to fill the stomach,
but also to replenish the body.
Strengthen the ability of focus and learning to improve work efficiency.
Happy Grains are carefully formulated by a team of senior nutritionists,
The nutritional value of each cup can provide the nutrients your body needs!

Black Seeds

Black Seeds is a healthy multi-grains botanical beverage featuring a delicious blend of black sesame. Black Seeds is created to help people who are suffering from problems like dry skin, hair loss, blurry vision and lack of energy. Contains black sesame seeds and other super food such as black scallions, black beans, acai berries and more than 40 quality ingredients.

Original Mixed Grains

Original Mixed Grains is power-packed with more than 40 types of top quality grains and ingredients rich in minerals, vitamin B and dietary fibers. Suitable for children, men and women of all ages and especially those with dietary limitations. It protects stomach and spleen function, builds strong muscles, enhances brain memory, boosts immune system, aids in weight loss and provides many other health benefits.

For Health, We Insist

Happy Grains

The Power of Seeds for a Healthy Wholesome Meal

  • Protects stomach and spleen functions

  • Builds and maintains strong muscles

  • Enhances concentration and brain memory

  • Boosts body’s immune system

  • Promotes naturally beautiful skin

  • Rich fiber content to give satisfying feel

  • Builds stronger bones and prevents osteoporosis

  • Aids in weight loss, reduces edema and excess fat

  • Stimulates bowel movements and relieves constipation

  • Maintains healthy blood sugar level

  • Anti-aging effect

  • Strengthens eye health*

  • Slows down hair greying and loss*

  • Stabilizes blood pressure and hypertension

True Love is Helping your Family Boost their Immune System!

A Healthy Family is a Happy Family!

or Friends and Relatives


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RM12 delivery charge for East Malaysia if buy any 2 tubs or above

Original Mixed Grains 1.2kg | Black Seeds 1kg

Delivery fees apply if buy 1 tub only

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Buy 4 tubs
free 15 sachets

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free 60 sachets

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*Since the launch in 2015,
we have reached over 1,000,000 happy fans!*

Happy Grains FAQ

1. Is Happy Grains suitable for people with uric acid problems?
Whole Grains for Happy Grains only contain plant protein. Studies have shown that eating plant-based proteins such as beans does not cause uric acid or gout.

2. Are Happy Grains suitable for people with diabetes?
Yes, Happy Grains is suitable for people with diabetes as it has no added sugar. Happy Grains uses Stevia which is derived from the natural Stevia Leaf, hence drinking Happy Grains won’t have any effect on the blood sugar. In addition, the dietary fiber in Happy Grains can provide satiety and delay the absorption and rise of blood sugar.

3. If I have constipation can I drink Happy Grains? Do Happy Grains cause constipation after drinking Happy Grains?
Happy Grains make use of the world-leading Patentened Superfine Grinding Technology that helps support the digestive system. For those suffering from constipation, each cup of Happy Grains is rich in dietary fibre that helps aid the digestive system and avoid any heatiness.

4. How does Happy Grains taste and does it have bland oat drinks taste?
Happy Grains uses Patented Superfine Grinding Technology that offers a smooth feel and a delicious taste. It also has a nice aroma and a naturally sweet taste. Packed with 6 Types of Essential Nutrients that Human Body Needs, Happy Grains is a wholesome filling and satisfying beverage.

5. Who can consume Happy Grains?
It is recommended to drink Happy Grains for children over 18 months to provide important nutrients that children need when they grow up to help increase children’s resistance and brain function and memory.

6. Can pregnant women and nursing mothers drink Happy Grains?
HappyGrains can provide important nutrients for pregnant women or breastfeeding in time. In addition, the dietary fiber in Happy Grains provides satiety and prevents blood sugar levels from skyrocketing.

7. Can vegetarians take Happy Grains?
Yes, Happy Grains does not contain milk and is suitable for vegetarians.

8. Is it safe to buy Happy Grains online?
Yes, you can buy with confidence. Our online shopping system is 100% secure. Your order can be tracked through our system. If you have special notes, you can contact us at our Facebook customer service/WhatsApp.

9. When does your company ship the goods? When can I place an order?
From Monday to Friday, we will send all the products before 1pm, and all orders after 1pm will be sent on the next working day. After 1pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday items will be shipped on Monday.

The order service is 24 hours a day and can be placed daily. After placing the order, our staff will contact you on working days.