Great taste the whole family will love.
Magically chocolicious!

The Finest Chocolicious Multigrain Beverage

A classic probiotics nutritional chocolate drink now adds the benefits of probiotics, colostrum milk and lutein for digestive and immune support. This healthy multigrain beverage with premium cocoa is going to be your kids’ new favourite drink! This refined sugar-free cocoa is filled with the classic cocoa flavour. Start off a great morning with the great chocolate malt taste.

15 Health Benefits

  • Prevent short-sightedness

  • Protect eyes from blue light damage

  • Improve eye sight

  • Promote a healthy digestive tract

  • Promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Protect stomach and spleen function

  • Enhance concentration and brain memory

  • Stimulate bowel movement and relieve constipation

  • Strengthen bone health

  • Maintain healthy blood sugar level

  • Stabilize blood pressure level

  • Anti-aging effect

  • Build stringer bones and reduce bone loss

  • Rich fiber content to give satisfying feel

  • Cholesterol Free

  • Trans Fatty Acid Free

  • High in Total Dietary Fiber

  • Source of Protein

  • Source of Calcium

  • Source of Iron

  • Source of Magnesium

  • Source of Zinc

8 High Value Adds about Choco Grains

FloraGLO® Lutein for Eyes Health

A natural ingredient for vision supplements. Scientifically proven to protect our eyes from visible light, known as blue light.

High Potency Probiotic BB536

Containing 10 billion cfu to maintain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria, while preventing increases of harmful levels of bacteria. Provides supplementation on immune development.

The Immunity Support – Colostrum

Loaded with immune, growth and tissue repair factors. It is a complex biological fluid, which helps in the development of immunity.

Caffeine-free to Boost Your Energy Levels

It doesn’t contain any caffeine nor added sugar to avoid compromising your health while meeting your energy needs.

Upgraded with Dual Active Peptides

Soy Oligopeptides and walnut peptides are added to provide the essentials for improved brain memory and concentration.

Rich in Taste. Even Better in Nutition.

Top quality ingredients are specially selected and concocted expertly by our nutritionists to ensure optimum nutritious value and great taste in every cup of Happy Grains.

46 Types of Essential Nutrients that Human Body Needs

Power-packed with 46 types of essential nutrients from grains seeds and other ingredients, such as minerals, vitamins, fibres and proteins; specially selected and concocted by our nutritionists.

Natural Sweetness From Stevia Leaves

In line with our fundamentals of health for everyone, Stevia leaves extract is used to give Happy Grains its great taste.

For Health, We Insist.

Suitable for the Whole Family

Suitable for children, men and women of all ages and especially helpful to the nutrition needs of people with special dietary limitations.

How to Prepare Happy Grains

Just add water. The ultra-fine mixture is easily dissolved by adding water and stirring it. You can have it hot, room temperature or cold, simply to your liking.